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We deliver mobile apps that users want to engage with because we do the research first.

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We have more than twenty developers available on three continents to do the critical work for our clients.

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Having worked with clients who have needlessly spent tens of thousands of dollars...without getting a working product, we know how to deliver value.

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Innovative Apps Providing Social Benefits

APG Mobile Applications is focusing its efforts in mobile app development on the intersection of three possibilities:

  • potential for peer support (people helping each other),
  • spatial / visual reasoning: actually providing a visual “map” of solutions as opposed to abstractions (e.g. spreadsheets), and;
  • the “sticky” problems in society (complex challenges)

    a spectacular and unsolicited review of iSD Pro

    a spectacular and unsolicited review of iSD Pro

The purpose? Our Mission? To make it easier for humans to understand their situation, its opportunities, options and limitations in an effort to improve the quality of decision making. Improved quality of life.

iSplit Divorce, available since early September 2012 in the App Store, is the first development of these principles: it helps divorcing couples more easily and painlessly divide up assets and debts. It already enjoys customers on five continents.

iSplit Divorce Pro is a follow-on product (March 2013) that is a powerful tool for attorneys to use with their clients. In the process, we envision that the clients (our users) will be encouraged to buy a copy of their own so that they can engage with the attorney in a collaborative and productive way.

Kids Self-Evaluate (KSE), our next App, that is at the intersection of the three areas listed above. Loosely termed a “psychometric,” it helps school-aged children build self-esteem through self-awareness and self-validation.

Click here to listen to an interview with Founder, George Moskoff, from the NPR-affiliate KRCB’s Bruce Robinson.

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