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Divorce Facilitator Company Gets $1.7...

Divorce Facilitator Company Gets $1.7MM in Venture Funding
Automating Divorce? …I don’t think so. Wevorce, with ten offices in California, Washington state and Idaho, announced a second round of funding of $1.7 million from the venture capital world.  Click here for the TechCrunch interview. The company claims that their program addresses the emotional, financial as well as legal aspects [...]

How to Create Mobile Apps

How to Create Mobile Apps
So, You Want to Create a Mobile App? Got a great idea for an App that helps people manage their financial assets?  Or, how about their medical information (Amgen MedInfo — last updated in December 2012)?  Or, helps people with diabetes more effectively manage their disease?  (Diabetes Health — last updated in June 2011). Click he [...]

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