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APG Mobile Apps: The Team


We are people with open hearts and curious minds who believe we can do well by doing good.  Our Apps must have a social benefit…they must improve the quality of the lives of their users.

Even though we are small, we leverage our human assets well. We use a process called Appreciative Inquiry to guide our efforts: we look at what we’re doing well and ask: “How is that…how are we doing so many things well?” and, then, use the answers to create more successes.

The Team: Lean and Smart

Our people are innovation consultants, programmers, sales and marketing professionals, psychologists, public school administrators, physicians and non-profit executives.  We use a variety of talents to design and execute our groundbreaking mobile applications.

Our Founder and CIO (Chief Innovation Officer), George R. Moskoff, has a stellar track record of startups and turnarounds. As a business and management consultant since 1983, Moskoff built a successful practice (Telecom Resource Group, Ltd.) of fourteen professionals while serving prestigious clients such as AT&T, MCI Communications, Bank of America, Day Timers and Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Moskoff uses a consulting approach to the development of mobile applications, pouring all of his experience and talents into solving vexing, complicated problems through a handheld device and some software.

He sees opportunities and methodically works through options to solve the problem inherent in that niche. This is a disciplined and methodical approach to creating value.

Moskoff was also instrumental and essential in the turnaround of two non-profits — a Montessori School and the National Runaway Switchboard — and the Customer Service operation at Moen, Inc. in the early 1990’s. In the 2000’s, Moskoff successfully started up one for-profit and one non-profit, The Minerva Project. Minerva went on to develop a relationship with the California State University’s Chancellor’s office which resulted in unique partnerships with four Cal State University campuses.

Moskoff possesses deep expertise in project management, community building, group facilitation, market research and customer retention. He is an avid co-learner with his fellow team members and has high expectations of all his partners.

From his scientific background (completed Masters work in Biochemistry at U of Michigan), Moskoff is eager to create experiments to test “theories.” As a student of human behavior, Moskoff became the protege and friend of the late M. Scott Peck, M.D. (bestselling author and psychiatrist, The Road Less Traveled).

Over the span of his career, serving clients like AT&T, Bank of America, Day Timers, The State of Illinois, several universities, Moskoff knows the fundamentals of how to run a business and take care of its customers. These skills are ingrained from a life where the customer is intelligent, capable and deserving of service.

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