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Creating A Mobile App: Coding Is The ...

Creating A Mobile App: Coding Is The Easy Part
Thinking of Developing a Mobile App?  Focus on Business Issues Make it easy.  Make it relevant.  Make it interesting.  Make it pay.  That’s what thirty+ years of business, consulting, marketing and mobile app development experience tells me about successfully creating a  mobile app. (more…)

Psychometric KSE: iPhone App Tackles ...

Psychometric KSE: iPhone App Tackles Threat of Bullying by Teaching Children How to Relate to Themselves and Others
Psychometric: a way out for troubled teens.  A high-tech solution to an old social problem. A self-styled human behavior guru and next generation mobile app developer, George Moskoff offers a cure for the negative ways that school-aged children interact with themselves and with each other. “Self-hate, self-derision, self-berating behav [...]

“…I love this App” ...

“…I love this App” says celebrity divorce attorney Wasser
iSplit Divorce Pro gets great reviews by celebrity divorce attorney Divorce attorney to the “stars,” known for a collaborative style, says she loves iSplit Divorce Pro as a way to “get the conversation started.” She mentions the App in her new book,  It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way. Maria Shriver, Kim Kardashian, [...]

Divorce Facilitator Company Gets $1.7...

Divorce Facilitator Company Gets $1.7MM in Venture Funding
Automating Divorce? …I don’t think so. Wevorce, with ten offices in California, Washington state and Idaho, announced a second round of funding of $1.7 million from the venture capital world.  Click here for the TechCrunch interview. The company claims that their program addresses the emotional, financial as well as legal aspects [...]

How to Create Mobile Apps

How to Create Mobile Apps
So, You Want to Create a Mobile App? Got a great idea for an App that helps people manage their financial assets?  Or, how about their medical information (Amgen MedInfo — last updated in December 2012)?  Or, helps people with diabetes more effectively manage their disease?  (Diabetes Health — last updated in June 2011). Click he [...]

APG Mobile Applications Releases Kids...

APG Mobile Applications Releases Kids Self-Evaluate™ New Mobile iPhone App for School-Aged Children to Increase Self Awareness and Boost Self-Esteem
More than three years in the making, Kids Self-Evaluate™ (KSE™) is an iPhone App that helps school-aged children answer the question: “How is my life right now?” It is not, by any means, a game; but it does have some game elements, as it was programmed by an 18-year-old high schooler in northern California. Moskoff hopes that the [...]

New iPad App iSplit Divorce Pro&trade...

New iPad App iSplit Divorce Pro™ Promises Results for Attorneys and Clients
iSplit Divorce™, already enjoying popularity since its introduction in September 2012, was the launchpad for APG Mobile Applications new App, iSplit Divorce Pro™ now in Apple’s App Store. Using its revolutionary “visual computing” interface, iSplit Divorce Pro™ uses icons and the “drag and drop” features of tablet computers [...]

New iPad App for Divorce Market Helps...

New iPad App for Divorce Market Helps Split Assets and Debts
Santa Rosa, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012 APG Mobile Applications launched its flagship “visual computing” product, iSplit Divorce™, for the iPad. The benefits: 1) divorcing couples can now get the conversation started of “who gets what” more easily resulting in a shortened, less painful and acrimonious experience; 2) the elapsed time for [...]

iSplit Divorce

iSplit Divorce
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APG MA Founder and CIO Weighs In on H...

APG MA Founder and CIO Weighs In on Hendrix’s Work
Imago Therapy: A Valid Theory? Why is the rate of divorce so high in the United States? (50% of first marriages, 65% of seconds, 76% of thirds).  One answer to that question is based on two facts, presumptions: we choose our mates, and we, as a culture, harbor a lot of romantic illusions I will borrow from Harville Hendrix’s work R [...]

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