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The Macroeconomics of Divorce

The Macroeconomics of Divorce
The Economy Has An Impact on Divorce Statistics When I stumbled on to the reality that the frequency of divorce has something to do with the economy, I was a bit….wowed.  But, now that I look at it with an analytical eye, it makes sense to me. Had my ex- not been paid well, we probably wouldn’t have gotten divorced either but here [...]

Hey, Mr. Bartender: Let Me Tell You A...

Hey, Mr. Bartender: Let Me Tell You About My Divorce
It’s Rusty, My Coffee Guy Rusty asked how I was.  People who know me don’t ask that question unless they’re ready: I answer them, if I feel safe.  And I usually feel safe. Mostly, my crises relate to the emotional fallout from the divorce after a long marriage. “My third good day in a row,” I told him.  It’ [...]

A Brief History of Divorce

A Brief History of Divorce
Marital Dissolution: A Modern Development In Biblical times, some of the wealthy women would have their own quarters, their own tents, to which their husbands, and other men, were not permitted.  This was a prudent move to assure that infidelity would be an improbability. “Back in the day,” (a couple of thousand years ago) some co [...]

iSplit Divorce Pro™: Targeted f...

iSplit Divorce Pro™: Targeted for Mid-November 2012 Release
Successful Consumer Launch Spurs New Version Development iSplit Divorce™, released by APG Mobile Applications (APG  MA) in the iTunes Store on September 6, 2012,  has enjoyed international acceptance: Australia, Singapore, Canada, China are all countries where a diversity of users have downloaded the App. iSplit Divorce: The Main Screen [...]

The Purpose of Marriage, Family: Part...

The Purpose of Marriage, Family: Part I
Divorce and Marriage Related? If we’re going to deal with the subject of divorce, we should talk about marriage, too: shouldn’t we? Marriages are funny things for humans: they happen for a variety of reasons — love, land, libidinal, nuclear family creation.  I loved being married, knowing that there were rules for my behavio [...]

Confessions of a Snob

Confessions of a Snob
Does This Make Me a “Bad Person?” There are many friends whom I love.  When I’m with them alone, we can have deep conversations filled with adventuresome exploration of ideas and subjects.  I end up feeling like I’m filled to the brim. But when a group — a few more people — is created, it seems lilke the di [...]

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