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Creating a mobile app is harder than ever.  With more than 1.2 million mobile apps in the iTunes Store, a great idea isn’t enough for a successful app. It’s only a small part of a success story. I’m the noted consultant and Apps Developer George Moskoff and I can help your idea come to fruition with my well engineered six-step process (see below).

creating a mobile app

Part 1: Creating a Mobile App

Because we’ve done it all many times, we provide a greater breadth of services and expertise than any “programmers” or other consultants you might encounter.  With our Mobile Apps  Development Consulting Services, you are assured that your precious resources — your time and money — are being used in the most prudent way possible.  115F23F7-8463-4B74-A8EC-7E05A8A9A77C-500x500

We’ve been consulting since 1983 on technology (and other business areas) to a broad range of clients — large (AT&T, Bank of America, etc.) and small — and we’ve also designed, developed, and marketed our own Mobile Apps. Our experience can help you shortcut and reduce the costs and risks of your app development process. We can show you:

* how to develop a prototype and get it tested without spending a dime on programmers
* how to figure out where to market your App and have it stand out in Google Play and the iTunes Store
* how to be more educated about your programming options
* how to get ready to roll out the product

Last Updated June 2011: An Example of a Stale App

Last Updated June 2011: An Example of a Stale App

Choose between our very reasonable hourly rate or project/performance-based fees and get started making your idea a reality that stands out among the thousands of apps that stagnate.

Six Step Process
1. feasibility study: determine marketing methods, target market, penetration
2. develop game plan for project (if you get a “yes” out of the feasibility study
3. develop prototype (you can do most of this on your own; I’ll coach you), test, modify
4. do programming
5. marketing and sales
6. product revisions


Kids Self-Evaluate: One of Our “Fresh” Apps

Send us an email and we can chat. Our first 20-minute sessions have no charge.

Click here to read the review that one of our Apps received from celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser or see the Blog Post.

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