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Psychometric KSE: iPhone App Tackles Threat of Bullying by Teaching Children How to Relate to Themselves and Others

Psychometric: a way out for troubled teens.  A high-tech solution to an old social problem.

A self-styled human behavior guru and next generation mobile app developer, George Moskoff offers a cure for the negative ways that school-aged children interact with themselves and with each other.114x114

“Self-hate, self-derision, self-berating behaviors are at an all-time high,” says Moskoff. These feelings are reinforced in the culture that seeks perfection, he says. And, ultimately, the discomfort comes out, often, as abuse visited on the weaker members of the system. Bullying made simple, he says.

Moskoff’s newest App, Kids Self-Evaluate™, helps kids become more wise and conscious about how they perceive their own lives. It works to comprehensively and easily raise the user’s awareness and create a reflection of their own perceptions.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students reports that, last year, bullying ranked as one of the top five threats to creating healthy conditions for learning at their August 2012 Conference.

The insecurities that lead to these behaviors need to be dealt with, Moskoff argues, “And our App goes part of the way towards that goal by helping kids get a snapshot of how they feel about their lives at that moment…without the need of an adult to intervene.” It’s not a panacea but it’s a new and robust tool that needs to get used where it makes sense – and it makes sense in a lot of places, he claims.

The father, former Montessori-school manager, public-school teacher and management consultant and, mobile app developer thinks the current slate of solutions are too “top-down.” “Despite a raft of anti-bullying programs, the state of affairs has never been more charged.” He points to the fact that the Compton California School District keeps a full-time, paid SWAT Team on alert.

He suggests, from his consulting and life experience, that “we need to create programs that give the children the tools they need to help themselves and each other – that’s why I created Kids Self-Evaluate™.”

Moskoff, a student of “Systems Theory” backs up his bold claims: “Systems Theory teaches us: ‘the harder you push against the system, the harder the system pushes back.'” KSE™ can go a long way towards providing each child with a snapshot of how s/he feels at that moment in time, the child becomes more aware.


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