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This app should be called lickity split, for before you know it you are done!! This is a superb concept, brilliantly executed. So simple that a child could do it. The hardest part is just determining the value of your assets, which you would have to do if you hired a lawyer anyway. The fact that it instantly keeps track of the total values for each section– his, hers, undecided– is amazing. No more calculators. Just plain facts.

-George Cheong, Owner Infinity Law Group LLC

I have played with and recently used this App in Meditation. Graphic and flexible, it’s very promising. There is nothing else like it and this, in and of itself is exciting. On the iPad… icing on the cake…

-Mark I. Unger

In 20 years as a divorce lawyer, this is the most effective software tool for the division of assets and debts I’ve found . Using graphics simplifies the process and makes it easier to communicate. I use it in settlement negotiations to illustrate the offer on the table. Its also useful in mediation or even meetings with clients to work though options. With the iPad and a VGA adapter, it will make for very effective presentations in court.

-Eric Ballinger, Canton, Georgia

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